Photomarathon Sheffield. I am ready for the challenge. 

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I am here early at Winter Gardens Sheffield where the guy's are awaiting the 400+ competitors. My main objective for today is to think outside the box and come up with a unique set of entries and not necessarily picture quality. (although both would be nice)

And the topics are.....

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Tickled Pink. I was thinking of pink feathers etc but slightly too obvious, I also spotted a Bart Simpson character outside a pink shop although I would be very surprised if he doesn't appear in a few entries. I plumped for this pink handprint (with a glimpse of other colours) the rest I'm afraid, is left to your imagination.



iso 200




Out of the blue. With a little reference to Deacon Blue. "yes I'm a real gone kid". I waited for someone in blue to walk by, whilst I stood (in the pouring rain) with a long lens on the opposite side of the dual carriageway to get this. My 30mm lens would have made stand in the road to fit the building in.



iso 200




Golden Oldie. The obvious one here would be old people or vintage items etc, I did see a 90 year old lady with balloons on her wheelchair as it was her birthday, but I suspect a few people will have photographed her. Hopefully I am the only one who spotted this golden oldie in a shop window. I was blessed as the sun came out briefly to illuminate the skull.







In The Dark. I spent a long time hoping I could find a block of flats where most of the windows were lit inside except for one, unfortunately it was the wrong time of day and although dull weather most people don't sit in their flats on a Saturday afternoon. The shot I chose was as similar idea. I can imagine the most obvious here would be people in underpasses or archways etc.



iso 250




Seeing Red. Unfortunately I fell into the selective colour trap here as I was struggling for inspiration and completely running out of time to find something for the last theme, for which I had literally nothing in mind.

3.45pm have to be back at Winter Gardens for 4.00pm.



iso 640




End of the Rainbow. I got two photos for this in the last 15 minutes both whilst making my way back to Winter Gardens. The unsubmitted picture was in a fishmongers and a photograph of some rainbow Trout. I opted for the City Map simply because the fishmonger said he'd had a few photo challenge contestants in the shop already today. I think it work's well though and is a fitting end to the day.



iso 250


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All in all it was a really fun day in Sheffield, although somewhat challenging and very wet.

( I doubt there will be a pot of gold waiting for me at the end of it. )