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        About Us

        Sinochem Holdings Corporation Ltd. (Sinochem Holdings) was established through the joint restructuring of Sinochem Group Co., Ltd. and China National Chemical Corporation Ltd. on May 8, 2021. Sinochem Holdings is one of the leading state-owned enterprises under the supervision of the SASAC (State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council). Headquartered in Beijing, it boasts over 220,000 employees.

        Business & Products

        • Life Science

          Life Science

          This segment consists of agrochemicals and animal nutrition business.

        • Materials Science

          Materials Science

          We have laid out the industrial chain aligning with core industries of the national economy, focusing on developing high...

        • Petrochemicals


          Dominated by petrochemicals, our basic chemicals cover chlor-alkali chemicals, coal chemicals and inorganic chemicals.

        • Environmental Science

          Environmental Science

          This segment covers various fields such as water, atmosphere, solid waste, soil remediation and testing, with consultati...

        • Rubber & Tire

          Rubber & Tire

          This segment covers the development, manufacturing and distribution of consumer tires, industrial tires and rubber conve...

        • Machinery & Equipment

          Machinery & Equipment

          We are committed to becoming a first class provider of overall solutions for chemical equipment and supplying comprehens...

        •  City Operation

          City Operation

          We are well positioned to provide high-end and premium products and services in adherence to the mission of “Unleashing ...

        • Industrial Finance

          Industrial Finance

          This segment covers trust, financial leasing, life insurance, industrial funds, commercial factoring, insurance brokerag...

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